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Golden visa changes and incentives for digital nomads

Changes in the terms and conditions of issuing a residence permit to third-country nationals for investment activity as well as the possibility of issuing a residence permit to third-country nationals (self-employed, self-employed or employees), who work remotely with employers or clients outside Greece ), for a period of up to twelve months are included in a bill of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum submitted to the parliament.

Specifically, the bill "Reform of deportation and return procedures for third-country nationals, attracting investors and digital nomads, issues of residence permits and procedures for granting international protection and other provisions of the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum and the Ministry of Citizen Protection:" Residence permit for investment in securities or bank deposit The investment is made with foreign funds, which are transferred to Greece for the purposes of the investment by a third country citizen. Transferrs may be the spouse and / or blood relatives or relatives up to the second degree of the investor. The application for entry into Greece and the supporting documents are submitted to the competent Greek consular authority of the place of residence of the investor, within the year following the realization of the investment. The consular authority, within one (1) month from their receipt, transmits them to the competent service of the last paragraph of circumstance 4, for the certification of the realization and the holding of the investment. The above service examines the supporting documents that have been submitted and transmits, within one (1) month from their receipt, to the consular authority relevant certification in order to be granted the national entry visa for "investment in securities or bank deposit. A third-country national holding a valid residence permit may liquidate the investment in order to invest, within an exclusive period of two months, in another category or in real estate. In this case, the third country national retains the residence permit already granted until the completion of the certification procedures of the new total investment and the issuance of the residence permit. The third-country national may invest in more than one of the categories and up to three distinct investments in total. In case the investment is made in more than one category, the minimum required amount of the total investment is determined based on the category with the highest required investment amount.

Digital nomads It is possible to issue a national visa to third country nationals self-employed, self-employed or employees, who work remotely using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with employers or clients outside Greece (digital nomads) period of up to twelve months with the possibility of extension for another six. In addition, they can be accompanied by their family members (who are not allowed to provide dependent work or engage in any form of economic activity in the country) who are granted, upon request, an individual visa that expires at the same time as the dependent visa. Family members mean: (a) the other spouse or cohabitant with whom the third-country national has entered into a cohabitation agreement; b) the unmarried joint children of spouses or cohabitants under the age of eighteen, including those who have been legally adopted by a foreign court decision which is automatically enforceable or has been declared enforceable or whose conviction has been recognized in Greece; and (c) the other unmarried children of the sponsor or other spouse or cohabitant, under the age of eighteen, provided that custody has been legally entrusted to him / her by the sponsor and to the children of the other spouse. spouse or cohabitant in him / her.

The national visa is issued to the person concerned, provided that they are presented to the competent Greek consular authority:

  • A solemn declaration stating his intention to reside in the country with the national entry visa for the provision of distance work and his commitment not to provide any work or services or work to an employer based in Greece;
  • An employment or work contract or proof of employment with an employer, natural or legal person, who is established outside the Greek territory, for an indefinite period or in the case of a fixed-term contract with a residual duration covering the period of the national visa issued
  • Employment or work contracts of indefinite duration or, in the case of a fixed-term employment contract, with a remaining duration covering the period of validity of the visa issued, in case the third country national is self-employed with more than one employer established outside Greece
  • Information on the status of applicant in the undertaking, as well as information on the name, registered office, field of activity and corporate purpose of the undertaking in the event that the third-country national is self-employed in his or her own undertaking which is outside of the Greek territory
  • Evidence that he has sufficient resources, at a stable income level, to cover his living expenses during his stay in the country, without being burdened by the national social welfare system. The amount of sufficient resources is set at 3,500 euros per month and is proven by the employment or project contract or proof of employment, in the case of dependent employment, services or work or from a bank account

If sufficient resources come from paid employment services, services or work, the above minimum amount refers to net income after payment of the required taxes in the country of employment. The above amount is increased by 20% for the spouse or cohabitant and by fifteen percent 15% for each child. Periods of absence from the country do not prevent the renewal of the residence permit, as long as they do not exceed six months per year.


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